rendering of electric vehicle

Design & Engineering

Developing Possibility & Feasibility into Reality

The Prefix design and engineering team plays a crucial role in the initial stages of prototype and/or product development by engaging in collaborative ideation sessions. By combining the creativity of our designers with the technical expertise of our engineers, the team can brainstorm and conceptualize innovative ideas that align with the customer’s key objectives. Through this joint effort, they explore various design possibilities, assess feasibility, and prioritize concepts toward achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The Prefix Programmable Vehicle Model (PVM) provides clients an invaluable tool for the development of occupant packaging and interior designs for vehicle, aerospace, and amusement properties.


  • Industrial/Studio Design (Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®)
  • Design Ideation/Storyboards
  • CAD Modeling (CATIA®, NX™, SOLIDWORKS®)
  • Surface Modeling
  • Tooling for Composites
  • Design for Rapid Prototype
  • Product Development (Concept to Production)
  • Reverse Engineering/Scanning


  • Advanced Development Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Vehicle Architecture
  • Systems and Component Integration
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Benchmarking
  • DVP&R
  • Prototype Kinematics
  • Embedded Electronics Development/PCB Design
  • Automotive Electrical Systems Integration
  • Software UI/UX/Assets
  • Vehicle Lighting Development/Controls

Product Development (Concept to Production)

  • Body
  • Closures
  • Interior
  • Chassis
  • Battery Integration
  • Fuel Cell Integration
  • Auto Show Properties
  • Electrical Architecture Development